Pollution #Yootab

Pollution #Yootab


“Not our Inheritance in Custody for the Future Generation” in the beautiful Persepolis

Portrayals of a Crimson Future

Portrayals of a Crimson Future

Crimson Future #Yootab

Crimson Future #Yootab

Art and Environment


My art and Environment Exhibition

to spread awareness and attaching importance to the nature in Africa

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My meeting with the Green Belt Movement in Nairobi

and talking about the human part in Climate change issue and the global warming

and importance of the trees


My visit with the Green Belt Movement

Executive Director Aisha Karanja

and discussion about the climate change 2016


Visiting the Green Belt Movement and my explain about the  connection between art and environment.

Art always make things easier to be realized.

My visit with Mr. Antony Ngore the founder of Environment 254

and African Environmentalist 2016


As protest against human wrong technology , and fossil fuel I am traveling with horse



Africa Wildlife


Feeding  Animals