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 I believe Art is the only language that doesn’t need any translation.

Yootab Statement

Yootab Statement

Any Artwork has an origin in human feeling , emotions and common pain. But, sometimes creating artworks resulted from an awareness; the heavy weight and size of an awareness in the mind and thought makes us not be comfortable any more. My works resulted from a deep pain from identification with nature , the nature which is life-giving and all human existence originated from it , but human intentionally or unintentionally has incurred irreparable damages on the nature while neglecting that he is a part of this nature, and in fact he is destroying himself. Human disturbs the harmony of the nature , creates desertification, climate change and global warming through pollutions , consuming fossil fuels with using wrong technology , creating trash and landfills  leads to toxic gas and destroying  the forests and pastures  also his egoism life style and consuming irreparable and irrevocable resources. If such activities are not stopped ,  all life on the Planet earth will be destroyed.

My Artworks are considered as a protest to human and terminator technology. My artworks  show the tears and voice of the nature and reflected the human cruelty against mother of nature and reproached the human. My paintings and sculptures illustrated the tragic picture of the earth and its occupants in future. My works shows this darkness which surrounded the human heart and spirit and makes them get away from his origin namely  the nature.

It is my duty to make the silent call of the nature be heard by all the world.

My Works are my fears, fearing of monsters of the world and world of monsters ; egoism, and superiority of human resulted in destructive wars for oil and in near future for water.

Creating ethnic , tribe, regional , racial and religious wars aimed at selling weapons, armaments is a deep concerns of the civilized human and new phenomena of modern life of human. All these destructions have been recorded as the dark , and fearful documents of modern human.

Iam Fatemeh Zarei , with artistic name  ” Yootab” . I  am a pilot,  painter, sculptor and international Environmentalist.

I have been  the volunteer member of United Nations Organization Assembly located in South Africa ( UNASA ) and the environment advocate also the advocate of animal and children rights in 2011.

All my works related to advocating the environment and illustrating the speed of desertification , water shortage, soil erosion , water pollution , nature poisoning , global warming , climate change , wetlands destruction, extinction of plant and animal species , illustration of the sixth extinction process , Awareness and promoting the culture of respecting the nature and irrevocable resources and trees.

All my works are unique and registered . each work has one edition  and they are produced just once and they have no copy.

My works base is texture and I used organic materials for creating them mainly.

My intention is awareness and making all people heart united for securing global ecosystem and recover the planet earth.

I used different and unique techniques in creating my sculptures and drawing .

My works are abstract expressionism and show irreparable pain and damages incurred the nature by human.

I decided to allocate and donate part of my income from selling my artworks to plant trees and non-desertification up to the end of my life even after my death.

I don’t belong to any group . I just believe in Unconditional peace .

This is the only way to a green future for everyone.



The Idea of Professor Kaveh Hadadi,  the Painter, Designer and Sculptor about Yootab


Yootab (Fatemeh Zarei)  is the artist , environment advocate and peace activist who discussed the origins of destruction in nature among human rebellion named civilization, knowledge and technology , she creates human face for nature and personifies the nature and put herself in the same situation of nature  (identification with nature ) and sympathizes for the nature .

The materials used and her abstract liberties given to these materials for constructing her works have an important role in creating different expression in them. Organic textures and structures , the selection of color of wood and soil makes their works seems naturally, and the fluid and melting and dirty spaces shows that the nature material is sick and injured and is going to move in an irrevocable extinction and destruction way.

Yootab shows human as a child who did not respect to his/ her mother due to his/her greed and avarice and violated or injured her but this child neglected that may be affected by the consequences of such behavior soon.

She shows the human face as the loser one cheated by destructive civilization .her works have framed by abstract expression along with allusion, symbolism aimed at making modern man awake. She is a doleful expressionist who makes an effort to  call and make human awake of technology sleep and grant a pure  light to the nature . combination of dried plants and the remains of animal with natural colors and dried or cracked mud makes human upset while it is interesting due to discuss secret texture for warning the human, this awkward child of the nature.

Yootab is successful because what is true can effect on people. Her expression is kindly because  it gets away from decorative splendor of art and used raw material of nature such as wood, mud, soil and plants.

And she creates her works simply .she talks about the last trees collapse while tearing as if each tree is a sacred sign forgotten by people also  is the innocent escaped from our life. Yootab loves earth and nature and she likes to be a hand that protects the nature and makes people who live in smoke and iron age hear the sound  of silent nature .

Sincerely , Kaveh Hadadi


The Idea of Dr. Hedayat Hosseini about Yootab


I described her as a noble lady with kind heart, dynamic and creative mind and the spirit which is delicate like petal, stable like mountain , and infinite like sky.

The woman who always tries to make relationship of love and peace among people with each other and with nature and may remind people of this  fact that dominating egoism and avarice on human heart and spirit is considered as  the origin of all human pain and sufferings through increasing development of this relationship . What Yootab illustrated is the grief and pain which caused her pure and nature friend heart to be offended and made her to choose the way for awakening human spirit which is neglected and remains in ignorance and egoism darkness . So that her art makes the viewer to get involved into challenge with his / her inside and reminds him/ her of this fact that how he/she incurred irreparable damage on himself / herself and the nature which is the origin of his/ her life and survive . We hope that this thought may be the beginning of correlation between people and nature and makes them be friend with nature towards securing our homeland ” the earth”.


Hedayat Hosseini: Signed


Aydin Aghdashloo Idea:

The Idea of the Art Master Mr. Aydin Aghdashloo about Yootab. Aydin Aghdashloo is the Knight of Art and Literature and the Greatest  Art Critisizer of the World and Iran. The Art Knight of 2016 Idea about Yootab’s Art Works :

My Dear Yootab;

I enjoyed watching your Artworks Collection too much.

Your works  are unique and creative.

In many works , an special space was created which approaches to the abstraction , as if we participated in geology and archeology  Excavation of repeated stratigraphy  and discover the buried meanings and concepts , your deep love to the mother earth revealed the buried secrets . Your artistic viewpoint that is full of love and affection reflected your honesty and special kindness towards the nature and environment which makes the neglected viewer have an eagerly look at the nature again. Your artworks can caused the most neglected people to be awoken and think deeply.


Aydin Aghdashloo

Date: April 2016.